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This activity will not only give you the pleasure of feeling how this huge piece of equipment succumbs to your every move –it also has practical advantages. In order to navigate the obstacle course, you will have to demonstrate coordination and speed; you will have to learn quickly and figure out how to control the equipment with precision. As you perform the tasks, you will be met with one new situation after another – this will develop your spatial thinking, the accuracy of your movements, and your ability to simultaneously listen to the instructor and carry out the tasks at hand. Once you are done, you will know yourself even better and discover new skills.

Product Description

Duration: 30–40 minutes

The price includes:
A 10-minute safety briefing on proper use of the equipment;
A 20-minute driving lesson, during which:
• you will navigate the obstacle course, where you will demonstrate your heavy equipment handling skills by:
• driving around obstacles on the slalom;
• digging a hole;
• picking up a ball with the bucket and throwing it into the middle of a tyre;
• driving through a dangerous obstacle;
• moving a heavy object from one place to another.