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Stag Parties


A stag party is for real men. That’s why all of the activities planned have to be balanced with them in mind. And what better way to have fun than playing with massive vehicles? 🙂 Forget all of the other stag party ideas and plans that everyone is tired of and do something different 🙂 At MadMotors, the fun becomes truly unforgettable as you try to bridle serious heavy equipment! Want to try something new? Here’s your chance 😉 Create your own story in our sandbox and you’ll be sure to always remember it with a smile 🙂 Recommended for groups of up to 8 men.

Attention: please book this activity at least 7 days in advance.

Product Description

Duration: 90 minutes.

10-minute briefing.
80 minutes of practical work during which we’ll divide you up into a few small teams, and you will compete with each other to see who can operate real construction equipment faster and more precisely and perform simple tasks.

Two teams with two small (1.7-tonne) mini excavators will warm up, and then you will have to:

  • learn how to control them;
  • navigate a slalom;
  • bring back large tyres;
  • fill up the bucket with dirt.

Meanwhile, the third team will learn to operate a large (22-tonne) excavator and will have to perform the following tasks with it:

  • navigate the slalom;
  • dig a hole;
  • move a car.

For your adventure, you will have at your disposal:

You can also book (for an additional fee, please enquire):

  • a gas grill;
  • protection against dirt for outerwear;
  • protection against dirt for shoes;
  • foosball;
  • a vroom.lt virtual reality simulator;
  • a powered paragliding flight;
  • professional photographer services;
  • drone video services (a video of up to 2 min. will be made within one week after the event).