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Remote Control


Miscommunication occurs everywhere, just like the funny situations that arise from it. So a lot of laughter and a good time is guaranteed! Completing these tasks together will help you and your friends better understand one another. This activity will help you get to know your friends better. You will also develop your ability to listen to and understand other people’s instructions and predict what they want. You will get a real feel for controlling equipment and will be better oriented. Not to mention the confidence you’ll come away with once you do what you never thought you would!

Product Description

Duration: 40–50 minutes

The price includes:
A 10-minute safety briefing on proper use of the equipment;
A 30-minute driving lesson, during which:
you will warm up on the obstacle course, where you will demonstrate your heavy equipment handling skills by:
• navigating the slalom;
• picking up a heavy item and moving it to the designated drop-off point.

In the task area, an opaque curtain will be placed between the cabin and the obstacles.

With the help of your friends who will instruct you by radio, you will have to carry out certain tasks:
• picking up a ball with the bucket and throwing it in a basket;
• building a tower of barrels with the bucket.